Saturday, February 22, 2014

10 months

Measurements: No official measurements this month.  Hudson is in mostly 12 month clothes although some 9 month pants still fit (he has short little legs!)

Eats: Hudson nurses 5 times a day, usually about every 3 hours.  We realized, while leaving him with a babysitter to go out for the first time a few weeks ago, that he will no longer take a bottle.  He also can't get the hang of a sippy cup although I have tried 3 different kinds.  But, he doesn't really need one right now anyways so I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it!  My good little eater will literally eat anything you put in front of him...I am so thankful that he's not picky (yet)!  We have stopped doing pureed stuff of any kind...he much prefers to feed himself.  This month he has especially loved carrots, goldfish, green beans, and macaroni and cheese!

Sleeps:  Naps are still great.  Hudson takes his first nap around 10am and generally sleeps 30-45 min.  He will go back down around 2pm and sleep an hour and a half to 2 hrs.  At our 9 month pediatrician appointment we once again talked about sleep training.  I was so hesitant because I just didn't like the whole idea of crying it out.  I know that it's not going to hurt him...I just didn't feel like it was right for us.  Well, after so many nights of not getting much sleep we decided it was our last resort.  It look a good week and a half before Hudson ever slept 12 hours straight.  And it's still not extremely consistent.  There are still nights he ends up in our bed in the early hours of the morning but I am fine with that....he will only be a baby for such a short time that I'll soak up every snuggle I can get!

Milestones:  Hudson is now an expert stair climber!  Just the other day I went upstairs for something and assumed Chris was watching Hudson.  Well, when I walked back downstairs, I found him halfway up the stairs!  We put him back at the bottom and watched and, sure enough, he can climb the entire flight with no problem at all!  Hudson walks behind everything he can push, but hasn't gotten brave enough to let go yet!  He waves all the time and to anybody who will look at him.  He is still not saying any words except Mama and Dada but he obviously knows what those mean now.  When I walk out of the room he follows me saying "Mamamama".  Hudson also went on his second airplane ride this month!  He's an awesome traveler.  I am so thankful!

Likes: Hudson still loves Bailey, bathtime, and books.  He has a fascination with appliances- refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, and (to my dismay) the toilet.  He loves to pull all the spices off my lazy Susan and tupperware out of the cabinets...I just have to teach him to clean up now!

Dislikes:  Hudson is so easy going and happy...except when I decide I need to leave his sight.  Let me tell you...this boy loves his momma (not that I'm complaining!).  Our separation anxiety hasn't gotten any better this month, in fact it may be worse!  If I'm in the room Hudson wants me to be holding him, or at least he wants to be touching me like holding on to my leg.  It makes it difficult to get things done at times!  But like I said before, he will only be a baby for so long so I'm going to soak it all up!

I can't believe in just 2 months my baby will turn a year old!  It's so bittersweet.  Part of me wants him to stay a baby forever but I also love seeing him learn new things every day.  So, I'll just keep cherishing every moment! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A great weekend!

This past Friday Hudson and I flew to Boston (the crazy NC weather didn't mess up my plans thank goodness!) to spend some time with my family and meet my cousin's sweet baby girl who was born on Feb 7th.  Can I just say yet again how incredibly thankful I am that Hudson is such a good traveler??  I had 4 different people tell me how good he was on the flight there...I was one proud mom! 
So, I arrived Friday just to be greeted by yet another snow storm in Boston.  Our original plan was to go to Maine to meet baby Emelia on Saturday but we postponed because of the weather.  So, instead my mom and I went and got pedicures while Hudson and his Bubs had some good quality time together.  We came home to find them both asleep on the sweet.  Hudson got to "play" with his cousin Ava that evening (although Hudson doesn't get to play much since Ava hasn't quite learned to share).  It is so special for them to be so close in age and hopefully they will grow up to be great friends. On Sunday we spent the afternoon with some more of our extended family at my aunt and uncle's house.  They have an indoor pool so we took all the kids swimming.  They had a blast! We finally made it to Maine to meet the baby on Monday and oh how adorable she is!!  I don't even remember Hudson being that little although I know he was.  I am so happy for Erin and David, I know they are going to be awesome parents.
I was suppose to come back to NC on Tuesday but surprise, surprise there was another snowstorm! So, I delayed by flight until Monday morning which none of us complained about.  I will always take a little bit more quality time with my family!  I am already looking forward to my next trip in June!
Here's the weekend in pictures:
Future pianist?
Someone had some major bed head!
Fun afternoon swimming at our cousin's house!
Ava, Johnny, and their daddy's
This is the best we could do to get all the kids in one picture
Like my paci?
Bubs is already teaching him how to drive!
Sweet Emelia! 
Cuddling with his Lalla
Hudson is not a great sleeper in a this is how we ended up every night
Playing a duet already!
Hanging out with Uncle Jamie
Watching the cars go by...
Have you ever seen anything so sweet?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Discovery Place

NC moms, if you haven't checked out Discovery Place in Huntersville, you must! We took Hudson to celebrate his friend Noah's first birthday and we all had a blast! There is literally something for every age. We spent about 2 hrs there but could have stayed much longer...we didn't nearly see everything.  We can't wait to go back!  Here's some of the fun that Hudson has:

There were tons of good sensory objects for even young babies, Hudson played with this squishy flower for a long time!

The water table was a hit...of course he thought he was suppose to chew on the toys

Playing music with daddy

I think I'll try the music by myself!

Already driving a tractor!