Saturday, December 22, 2012

24 weeks and Merry Christmas!

Whew, what a busy time of year.  Between getting ready for all the Christmas festivities, parties, work, sick children, there doesn't seem to be many free moments to sit down and blog!  But, I have had a few requests for an updated bump photo so here it is.  I had Chris take this the other day right before I went to exercise (mostly walk/jogging these days).  Sorry about the poor picture quality, it was taken on my phone.

At 24 weeks I feel pretty good!  I don't have many complaints other than Tums have become my constant companion during the day.  Besides that, I am enjoying the second trimester.  I am not uncomfortable at all yet, in fact, I still sleep on my stomach (my doctor said to continue as long as I could stand it!).  I absolutely love feeling my sweet boy move around, which he does most of the day.  He doesn't just kick now, he squirms, wiggles, and sometimes completely flip-flops. I cannot wait to meet him but I think a part of me will miss the constant closeness I feel to him right now.
Yesterday I drank caffeine (other than a few sips) for the first time since finding out I was pregnant.  McDonalds has been advertising their holiday drinks so my sweet husband stopped to get me one.  He thought it was hot chocolate but it ended up being a mocha.  It was too good not to drink.  Baby boy either really liked it or was mad at me for waking him up because he went crazy! 
We are really looking forward to the holiday season but I can't help but think how much sweeter next Christmas will be when I will have my precious boy in my arms.  We are staying in town for the holidays but my parents will be coming to visit for 6 days and I cannot wait!  I cherish my time with them, especially around the holiday seasons.
I hope each of you have a joyful and blessed Christmas!  Take time, in all the busyness, to remember the true meaning and to celebrate the birth of Jesus first and foremost.
Merry Christmas from the Wrights family!