Sunday, December 15, 2013

8 months

Measurements: No official measurements this month yet again.  Hudson has pretty much outgrown all 6 month clothes and fits pretty comfortably in both 9 and 12 month stuff.

Eats: Hudson still nurses pretty much every 3 hours but can definitely go longer if needed.  He rarely gets a bottle anymore because I'm home with him but thankfully he will still take one if needed.  In terms of solids, he usually eats a fruit for breakfast.  He loves ALL fruit but bananas may be his favorite.  I don't have to mash them up anymore- he will just take it in his hand and eat it which is nice.  I generally am only feeding him solids twice a day, sometimes he eats lunch with me.  For dinner he usually gets whatever we are eating although I have a ton of frozen stuff in the freezer that I had made so I will pull that out too if there's nothing appropriate for him on our plates.  Tonight he shared my Panera broccoli cheddar soup and loved it!  I wasn't going to do puffs but bought some organic ones at Target last week and he loves them (although I think our dog is getting quite a few puffs too).  At this point I think he has tried pretty much every fruit and vegetable (well, all the "normal" non-obscure ones) and there isn't much he won't eat. 

Sleeps:   Since I have started staying home with Hudson, he is on a much better daytime sleeping schedule.  He generally takes two naps a day- 1.5 to 2 hrs each.  Sometimes he will take a third 30 minute cat nap.  He still is not consistently sleeping through the night.  A few times a week he will sleep 12 straight hours but the other nights he is up once or twice.  I am not fully comfortable with the crying it out tactic so generally one of us goes in to calm him down.  And, here's an honest mom moment- he ends up in our bed in the early hours of the morning quite often.  I know a lot of people would tell me how horrible that is but oh well.  It works for us and we can break the habit when we need to.

Milestones: Hudson is crawling FAST.  He is also pulling up on everything.  He's not cruising on furniture yet but he does take a few steps here and there.  He also has two teeth!  I think he might be cutting one on top.  He has only bit me once thank goodness!  Also, his little personality is really emerging.  We have had some real tantrums if he doesn't get his way (like momma telling him "no touch" with the Christmas tree!). 

Likes: Hudson is so independent these days and loves to just get down and play.  He likes to be held if he's tired (and only by his momma) but otherwise he wants to be on the move!  His favorite toys are still anything that's not a toy- tv remote, computer, phones, etc.  He also loves Bailey although I'm not sure she always loves him.  He grabs at her tail, crawls after her, and wants to get right up in her face.  Hudson enjoys to be outside although it's been a bit cold to spend much time out there these days.   

Dislikes:  Little man doesn't like his car seat much, especially when he's tired (which is really unfortunate since we are driving to my parents house next week!).  He also has a bit of separation anxiety and is starting to notice and really not like it when mommy leaves.  He doesn't like to be told "no" and, like I already said, can throw a really good tantrum already.

I cannot believe Hudson is already 8 months old.  It's been such a joy to be able to stay home with him and see him change everyday (I still need to write that post about staying home...).  We love you so much little man!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hudson's 6 month pictures

We had Hudson's 6 month pictures taken back on October 23rd.  We got them back this weekend and I am so pleased with how they turned out!  I feel like they really capture many classic Hudson faces.  I am so in love with this sweet boy!  
(I was only going to post a few of my favorites but just couldn't sorry for the abundance of photos!)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

7 months

Measurements: No official measurements this month and since we don't own a scale, I really don't even have an estimate!  Hudson can still wear his 6 month clothes for the most part but also fits into some 9 and 12 month stuff.  It really just depends on the clothing brand. 

Eats: We are trying to spread Hudson's feedings out some.  Up until now he has still been nursing (or bottles) every 3 hours but probably more out of habit than necessity.  He still nurses well although he is getting a tooth on the bottom so that makes this momma just a little bit nervous!  He eats solid foods twice a day- fruit in the morning and a vegetable and sometimes cereal at night.  We are sticking with either oat or wheat cereal.  He gobbles it up, I think it might be his favorite food.  We have tried lots of different things, basically anything we eat that can go through my food mill!  Some of the things he has tried have been bananas, apples, pears, mango, strawberries, tomato, avocado, sweet potato, squash, black beans, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, peas, carrots, corn, and pickles!  I try to leave the food somewhat chunky so he doesn't have a texture issue when he's older.  I am not sure it will help but I really don't want a picky child so I'll try whatever I can!

Sleeps:  Little man takes 3-4 naps a day averaging between 30-45 minutes.  Rarely will he take a longer nap- really no change from last month.  He is sleeping pretty good at night- usually waking up once at some point.  We have pushed his bedtime back a little bit until about 8pm.  I love our bedtime routine- while I nurse Hudson, Chris reads to us.  We have so far read James and the Giant Peach, Danny Champion of the World, Matilda, and we are working on The BFG (can you tell we like Roald Dahl?).  
Milestones: Hudson is on the move!  He crawls (well half crawl, half scoots) to wherever he wants to go.  He is pulling up on everything that he possibly can including his crib, he has even been brave enough to let go once or twice.  He also has a tooth!  It's on the bottom left.  It hasn't fully come in yet but I can feel it and boy is it sharp!  Hudson's personality is really starting to emerge and I know one thing already- little man is stubborn (I wonder where he gets that?)?  He will make quite a racket if he isn't getting what he wants.  At night, he does not like me to be out of his sight and will let me hear it if I try to do something without him.  The morning is really his best time- he's happy, rested, and perfectly content to play on his own.
Likes: Hudson loves to explore and especially likes anything that isn't a toy- the computer, our phones, cords, etc.  I have had to start childproofing because he is so fascinated with everything.  His favorite activity is to pull up on his playgym piano and play that way.  He has taken a tumble more than once but little man is tough- he only cries is someone around him reacts.  Hudson loves fruit, I have yet to find one that he won't eat.  He still loves to be held and is starting to have a bit of separation anxiety from me like I mentioned before.  Last week Hudson and I started swim lessons and he loves the water!  I am so glad because I really want him to learn to swim at a young age.
Dislikes:   Hudson still isn't loving the stroller when I try to run in our neighborhood.  But, when I take him somewhere different, like Tanglewood, he is happy as a clam.   He doesn't like to be rocked to sleep anymore during the day which makes me a little sad.  He will fight me tooth and nail if I try to rock him unless it's the middle of the night.  On rare occasions he will just give in and those moments are so precious to me.  A few days ago he fell asleep in my arms and I sat with him for 45 minutes instead of putting him in his crib because I know those moments don't come too often!

What a fun month it has been! Time is going so fast and I can't believe how much Hudson is changing every day. I don't think we could love him more if we tried!

(These photo shoots are getting tough because Hudson doesn't like sitting still!)

Friday, November 1, 2013

The cutest monster you ever did see

Happy first Halloween to our little monster who we love so very much!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A weekend in Boston (in pictures)

Hudson and I went to Boston for a long weekend and had a fabulous time!  He was a champion traveler, I think we'll be making the trip again sooner rather than later!  Here's some pictures to document our trip:

He did great on the plane...slept a little, played a little, and provided in flight entertainment for the other passengers, little ham :)

Reading a book with Auntie Em

Hudson had lots of love from his cousin Ava!  She sure does love her Hudson!

Meeting mommy's cousin Max and future cousin-in-law Bethany!

Checking out the animals at Tendercrop Farm with Auntie Boo, I mean Uncle Bruce

Lots of special Bubs (and Lalla) time!

Taking a sink gotta improvise while you are on vacation

Mallory and David shared a little bit of their anniversary with us :)

Hanging out with cousin Devon!