Saturday, October 26, 2013

A weekend in Boston (in pictures)

Hudson and I went to Boston for a long weekend and had a fabulous time!  He was a champion traveler, I think we'll be making the trip again sooner rather than later!  Here's some pictures to document our trip:

He did great on the plane...slept a little, played a little, and provided in flight entertainment for the other passengers, little ham :)

Reading a book with Auntie Em

Hudson had lots of love from his cousin Ava!  She sure does love her Hudson!

Meeting mommy's cousin Max and future cousin-in-law Bethany!

Checking out the animals at Tendercrop Farm with Auntie Boo, I mean Uncle Bruce

Lots of special Bubs (and Lalla) time!

Taking a sink gotta improvise while you are on vacation

Mallory and David shared a little bit of their anniversary with us :)

Hanging out with cousin Devon!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

6 months

How is it possible that Hudson is already HALF A YEAR old??  It seems like just yesterday that he was born...

Measurements: At 6 months Hudson is 16 lbs 10 oz putting him in roughly the 34rd percentile.  He is 26 inches long, the 24th percentile.  The pediatrician is very pleased with how he's growing!  He is in 6 or 9 month clothing.  I have already put away all the newborn and 3 month clothing and it makes me sad every time I put something on his and it's too small.  Sweet boy is growing way too fast!

Eats:  Hudson still either nurses or gets a bottle 5 times a day.  He solely nurses when I'm not at work but 4 days a week he will get 2 bottles.  He does fine with is food to him!  We really haven't done too much in terms of solids.  We have tried a handful of things (I'm not exactly feeding him by the "rules") such as avocado, peas, apples, and carrots once or twice.  I am doing all fresh fruits and veggies (no jarred baby food) and just putting them through the food mill.  I am going to start giving him solids everyday at dinner and then after a few weeks of once a day, I will do twice a day.  My pediatrician recommended oat cereal for the iron but said that it's fine to feed that only every few days.    

Sleeps:  Little man takes 3-4 naps a day averaging between 30-45 minutes.  Rarely will he take a longer nap.  I was a little concerned about this but Dr Brown told me that it's perfectly normal and as long as he's sleeping longer than 20 minutes for his sleep cycle to complete, I don't need to be worried.  He is pretty exhausted by 7pm though so we put him down for bed between 7pm and 7:30.  He usually wakes up sometime around midnight but will fall right back asleep when Chris or I puts the paci back in his mouth.  It varies when he wakes up again...sometimes it's 4:30am, sometimes it's 7:30am.  I much prefer the 7:30 days :)
Milestones: It's been a big month for Hudson!  He started completely sitting up on his own on October 1st.  He loves that he can do this, he's much more independent now.  He is almost crawling now too.  He gets up on all fours and sort of rocks.  Although he isn't quite crawling, he can certainly get what he wants.  He will kind of scoot himself along until he reaches it (see the video below!).  Chris sent me a video while I was at work yesterday of Hudson holding his own bottle too...why is he growing up so fast??

Likes: Hudson has a new fascination with our computer.  I guess it's the bright screen but if the laptop is laying on the floor, he will find a way to get to it.  He has no interest in toys, he would much rather play with an empty water bottle, piece of paper, the pack of wipes, or mommy's sneakers.  I love that he can play more independently now.  He still loves his exersaucer, he is a jumping machine!  At night, sweet boy sure does love to be held by his momma!  I guess he's tired and I think he's starting to have a little bit of separation anxiety but he likes for me to be in his sight. 

Dislikes:   Honestly, Hudson is a pretty happy baby.  He still only tolerates the stroller but at least he doesn't scream my entire run anymore. He doesn't like being tired...but who does?  His personality is really starting to emerge and I think he's going to have a bit of his momma's stubbornness!  He can certainly throw a fit if he doesn't get what he wants.

Chis and I are so in love with this little boy!  This might have been my favorite month yet with Hudson.  It's been so fun to watch him grow and learn new things every day!  And now for the videos and pictures to show off my sweet little man :)


Did any of that get in your mouth Hudson?

One of my favorite pictures of Hudson ever!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin patch fun

Fun photo shoot at Daddy's pumpkin patch!

Catching up

I have been pretty slack at blogging since Hudson was born.  It could be that I'm still working full time, have a 6 month old, and run a cake business on the side.  But, the full time working thing is going to change soon (more about that in it's own post!).  But, here are some pictures from the last month or so.  I figured I should catch up before I write Hudson's 6 month post (what?? how is he already half a year old??).

Just relaxing at daddy's pumpkin patch

Attempting carrots...although this sweet boy has no interest in solids of any kind yet

Just a little bath time fun!

Mommy bought me a winter hat for our trip to Boston for Christmas!

Having a play date with our buddies Kaylor, Gray, Noah, and Ella!