Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Life right now

My little 'ole blog has been neglected since Hudson was born.  Actually finding time to blog about him monthly is a major accomplishment for me right now.  Life is busy.  Honestly, life feels beyond busy most of the time.  Between working from home during every single one of Hudson's naps (and sometimes at night), averaging 5 cakes a week, co-organizing a cloth diaper program at Salem Pregnancy Center, and being a full time mommy, my plate is FULL!  I am not in any way complaining...I love all of these commitments, especially being able to be home with Hudson everyday.  But, there are days that I literally don't find time to take a shower, let alone update my blog.  But I don't want to forget all my precious times with Hudson so here are at least some pictures I have taken over the past few months:

Hudson is obsessed with apple cores...and I mean obsessed

He loves bath time!  Especially now that he's in the big boy bath tub!

"Mom, I'm thirsty too" (don't worry, I don't let him drink Bailey's water!)

My boy loves him some books!

Just hanging out in the panty, chewing on my veggie straw (a current favorite snack)

Best buds

Ok Hudson doesn't look too happy but we love our visits with our favorite twins!

Helping Daddy cheer on Duke!

Monday, January 20, 2014

9 months

Measurements: Hudson now weighs 19 lbs, 4 oz putting him in the 41st percentile.  He is still a shrimp at 27.75 inches, 23%.  He has outgrown most of his 9 month onesies (the super fluffy cloth diaper doesn't help either) but fits well into 9 month pants and pjs.  He fits comfortably in 12 month stuff too which is nice- we have a lot of options right now!  

Eats: Hudson nurses 5 times a day, usually about every 3 hours.  He rarely gets a bottle anymore which is fine with me, I do not miss pumping.  I feed him solids 2-3 times a day although it's definitely very hit or miss whether he eats "lunch" or not.  He is Mr Independent when it comes to food and does not want to be fed from a spoon anymore.  The only things I even try with a spoon now are oatmeal and yogurt.  We never did baby food with him (in fact, I'm pretty sure he's never had anything from a jar) so the transition to table food has been easy.  He pretty much eats what we eat.  It is impossible to eat an apple around him because he's obsessed with eating straight off the apple core! His favorite new foods this month are cheese, turkey, and any kind of bread!

Sleeps:  Naps are still great.  Hudson takes his first nap around 10am and generally sleeps 45 min to an hour.  He will go back down between 2:00 and 3:00 and sleep an hour and a half to 2 hrs.  Today he surprised me with 2.5 hours!  Nights aren't always as smooth.  We try to get Hudson is bed by 8pm and he's usually up around 3:30-4am.  Some nights it's as easy as putting his paci back in and he'll fall back asleep- other nights it can take a bit longer.  Generally he will sleep until at least 7am though which is nice.  He occasionally will surprise us and sleep through the night which are the best nights!

Milestones: Hudson is walking along the furniture and I just keep waiting for him to get brave enough to let go and walk!  It wouldn't surprise me if he starts walking soon but we'll see.  He occasionally will crawl without his knees touching the ground and sometimes just hangs out in plank position (he's been watching mommy and daddy do too much Insanity!). He gives high fives and sometimes will wave bye-bye (although it's usually backwards).  He says mama and dada.  I didn't really think he knew what he was saying until today when I was in the kitchen and came crawling in from the living room trying to get to me and the whole time he was saying "mama".  So, I think he at least associates it a little bit with me!

Likes: Hudson still loves Bailey and thinks she is hilarious!  He also loves to feed her- I have to keep a close on on him in the highchair or all his food will go right on the ground for Bailey!  He loves to pull up on everything- his favorite activity is pulling every book off the bookshelf and then, if we aren't looking, tearing the pages!  He also likes to put everything in sight in his mouth! I have to watch him so closely or who knows what he will end up swallowing.  He is enjoying bath time more and more.  He has learned what to do when I say "Hudson, can you splash?"  I usually end up getting pretty wet but it's fun to see him responding to things. 

Dislikes: Oh this is an easy one this month...Hudson doesn't like his momma or daddy out of his sight.  He has developed some major separation's so bad.  We went to church last Sunday night and when we picked him up he was literally shaking because he was crying so hard and had been the entire 1.5 hours we were in service.  Our pediatrician has assured me that it's just a phase and it's completely normal and she would be more concerned if didn't bother him when we left.  It makes me feel awful to leave him when I know that the minute I take him back he will stop crying.  But I know that for both his sake and mine I still have to leave him places like church nursery, no matter how much it pain me to do it. 

How in the world is my sweet boy already three quarters of a year old??  He is growing up so fast and I fall more in love with him every day!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

White Christmas

This was the first year of our five married Christmases that we traveled to Massachusetts to spend the holiday with my family. It was so special for me to be able to share my family's traditions with Hudson on his first Christmas. The car ride was long (totaling 30 hours there and back) but Hudson did great and only had a few minor meltdowns!
We went to church on Christmas Eve, spent a nice quiet morning with my immediate family on Christmas morning, had a late lunch and enjoyed the chaos of being with my aunts, uncles, and cousins into the evening.  It was pretty close to perfect!
The rest of the week was spent with Hudson getting lots of snuggles from Bubs, Lalla, and especially his sweet cousin Ava. We didn't do much...just sat around and talked, laughed, and had lots of family game nights (my cousin Max is never again invited because the rest of us didn't even have a chance in anything we played!).
It's always a little hard to come back to NC but after 8 days away I was certainly happy to be back in my own bed!!
Ava loves her little cousin!

Handsome little man on Christmas eve!

And the stockings were hung..

Hudson's first stocking

Hudson and Heidi

Hudson reading with Harrison

Being so cute is exhausting!

Chris getting in his share of shoveling

sweet grandparent kisses

We finally got to join Friday morning family breakfast