Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cars birthday party

If I ever quit my job as an exercise physiologist, I might just take up party planning. I had so much fun putting the boys cars birthday party together!  However, the party itself was...organized chaos.   There were kids running everywhere, in and out of the house.  I had one activity lasted about 5 minutes before kids lost interest and went back to running wild. I was exhausted by the time everyone left. But, I think (or hope) the boys and everyone else had fun!  I really hope that the boys will remember this party for a very long time!  While I can't post any pictures of the stars of the party, here are some of the decorations and cake.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Maine 2012

Last week was the third summer vacation that Chris and I have spent in Maine together but it's the first year we were accompanied by kids!  We were a little bit nervous about driving 17 hours with two 4 year olds in back but the trip was actually surprising uneventful!  The boys were great...of course, they had a few melt downs and temper tantrums but what kid wouldn't?  
We had a great week.  We did all the usual things- ran in the crisp cool morning air, walked the Breakwater, hiked Maidens cliff, hung out at the beach, searched for sea creatures, had a lobster bake and whoopie pie birthday cake, ate ice cream at Dormans and scones at Rock City Cafe, and most importantly, spent lots and lots of time with family!
Like always, it was so hard to come back.  You would think that each year it would be a little easier to say goodbye after family vacations but actually the opposite is happening.  I think I realize a little more every year that no matter how long I live in the south, I will always treasure my northern roots and have a very special place in my heart for New England.  Only 51 more weeks until we go back, right?
Her are some pictures of our trip.  We took about 185 pictures but unfortunately I can't post most of them as they were of the boys.  But, here are a few kid-free pictures!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cake catch-up

It was a busy weekend for cakes!  It's actually amazing that I got them done despite a few unforeseen setbacks (long story...better not to ask!).  Also, we had a busy few days of softball...and we ended up winning the league championship!  I am SO proud of our team, we had so much fun and played hard (in the 100 degree heat!).  But, I digress...
Anyways, here are the cakes I made this weekend:

Anniversary cake.  Cake was devils food with chocolate buttercream.  The cake is piped with a large star tip.  The bow and gift tag are made with fondant.

Med school graduation cake.  I actually have to thank my husband for helping with this cake.  I may have baked and iced the cake but he made the majority of the fondant decorations! 

30th birthday cake.  The cake was low-fat french vanilla.  It is iced in vanilla buttercream and the decorations are fondant.  The ribbon at the bottom is non-edible.

1st birthday smash cake.  The cake was classic white with vanilla buttercream.  Ernie is made of fondant.  And of course, he has to have his rubber duckies! Side note, I made this little boy's momma's baby shower cake (check it out here)...I can't believe he's already 1!