Sunday, March 29, 2015

34 weeks

It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that in 6 weeks (or less) we will be a family of 4. I've started to get a little nervous about mommy-ing a toddler and a newborn but I know that we will adjust just fine, especially since my parents will be staying with us for at least the first 2 weeks.
Other than a ton of annoying Braxton Hicks contractions and feeling like I need to pee most of the time, I feel great right now!  I love this point in pregnancy...I'm still entirely comfortable and actually have less hip/pelvic pain than I did a few weeks ago. Baby boy is super active pretty much all the time. I'll definitely miss those sweet kicks, especially if this is our last baby (which according to Chris, it is)!  This is my last week without a doctor's appointment, as of next week I'll go every week!  
We have finally decided on a name (well, for now at least!). We have had such a hard time and gone back and forth between lots of different things. We haven't told a soul the name...not even my mom and that's saying a lot! I think we are going to keep it under wraps until baby boy is born for a couple of reasons. If this really is our last baby, it's kind of fun to have one last secret just between my husband and I. Also, there's a pretty good chance we'll change our mind again, haha!
Here's a comparison between 30 and 34 weeks. Baby boy is growing for sure!

34 weeks with Hudson (left) vs 34 weeks with baby boy #2

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Scenes from lately

I am not a good picture taker. When Hudson was first born I took a bazillion pictures but now I can go days without snapping a single one on my phone. But, I have tried to be better lately because I don't want to forget all the little moments that Hudson and I have together. Someday I hope to print this little ole blog and I'm sure I'll want to remember even these mundane moments!

Just a typical Friday morning- naked toddler with a backwards hat. Oh, and don't forget snack cup in hand:

First time he blew bubbles by himself. He was so proud!

We build block towers (what feels like) 100 times a day just to knock them down...

Hanging out with his bff Noah. This lasted about .2 seconds before they both wanted to jump off the bed.

Parenting at it's finest. Lunch in front of the tv watching Frozen. Some days this pregnant momma just has to...

Trying to take advantage of our last weeks as a family of 3. Last week we took an impromptu trip to the zoo when the weather was nice!

"Say cheese!"

Sunday, March 8, 2015

30 31 weeks

I started this post a week ago but never got around to finishing.  So, although this picture was taken at 30 weeks, I am 31 weeks today!

This pregnancy is going so fast. As excited as I am to meet this little guy, time can slow down just a bit! I'm not quite ready for those sleepless nights again. But, I know that the second he arrives I'll fall instantly in love and forget how hard newborns are ;)
I feel great right now! This is the "easy" part of pregnancy in my opinion. I do have some hip pain when I exercise but most days it's not bad enough to complain about. I also get a ton of Braxton Hicks but they don't bother me at all. I am hungry ALL THE TIME though. I don't remember being like this with Hudson. And of course, Chris has decided in the past few weeks to go on a healthy eating kick. I am thankful that he wants to snack on fruits and vegetables but I keep telling him that this pregnancy momma needs her carbs! I try not to overdo it but once in a while I just need some ice cream (have you tried the Dairi-O flurries??  Well I have, too many times!).
This baby moves all the time which I love...most of the time. Sometimes it's painful though already! We took Hudson to the zoo last Wednesday when it was so pretty out and out of the blue this baby jabbed me so hard with what I guess was a foot and it honestly took my breath away! I feel like everything is happening much earlier than it did with Hudson. 
Baby boy is about the size of a head of lettuce according to my What to Expect App. It's crazy to think that he's already about as long as he will get...he just needs to pack on a few pounds (but not too many precious boy, ok? your 6 lb 13 oz brother was big enough!). 
My blogging record isn't great but hopefully I'll get to do a few more posts like this before he's born!