Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So after 7 years of daily running it finally happened...I got bit by a dog! The pain was so intense that I didn't even dare to look at my leg, I just sprinted the entire way home. When I got in the door, I ran upstairs and, while hyperventilating and crying, woke up my sleeping husband. I just kept yelling "I can't look, I can't look...tell me how bad it is!" Actually, it wasn't as bad as I imagined that it would be. The dog bit pretty hard and I'll have quite the scar but it could have been much much worse. Anyways, I ended up going to the doctor and getting an antibiotic. We found out where the dog lived and I talked to the owners to make sure its shots were up to date, etc. Thankfully it has had its rabies shots! Anyways, I survived my first dog bit experience (and it probably won't be the last!). I made sure to avoid that road while running this morning!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

smell the flowers...

So first and foremost, an update on Nonni! She's doing great, she has been breathing on her own for long periods of time (like 6 hours) and seems to finally be on the road to recovery! Now, it's going to be a very LONG road but we've all been able to breathe a little sigh of relief the past few days.

Nothing too exciting has been happening with the Wrights lately except I just feel like we've been SUPER busy. Chris and I were finally able to spend a good bit of quality time together this past weekend which was nice. I never realized how important quality time was before I got married. I always thought that words of affirmation was my love language but I've been realizing more and more that quality time is so important. I'm also realizing how important quality relationships are. It's like once I got married (which by the way, it's almost been a whole year!) this flipped switched and my priorities started to fall in line. Work is no longer at the top of the list...I mean, I enjoy my job and I want to do a good job but it's not my life. Life is made up of the important things- God, family, friends, laughter, etc. Sometimes even the smallest things make life that much better, like waking up each morning and hearing your husband tell you that he loves you, or going for a good long run and clearing your mind. I think I'm rambling but I just feel like I'm learning so many lessons...about myself and how I want my life to be lived. God first, others second, my own interests last. I don't want to take the small things for granted and I want to enjoy every moment that the Lord blesses me with. A "take time to stop and smell the flowers" kind of attitude I guess!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So an update on Nonni...she's been through a lot the past few weeks, I guess you could say our whole family has. She had another surgery because she had an abcess in her stomach which started leaking and causing an infection. She is still on the ventilator but the doctors are hopeful she will come off from it within the week. It breaks my heart to be so far away...but I know that she is in good hands with the caregivers in Maine, and in the best hands with the Lord.

On another note, I've been teaching a bootcamp for a while now a couple mornings a week. It's been really enjoyable, so much so that I am going to start another one! I'll be starting an evening bootcamp a couple of days a week. I am really excited about this new venture...I finally feel like I have an outlet for my passion for fitness! I enjoy my job and couldn't ask for a better one, but it doesn't satisfy my fitness "craving" completely. You can't really push 70-89 year olds too hard...so I'm looking forward to doing that with younger folks! It's starting June 1st and I've really been praying that the Lord would bless this opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. Now I'm just hoping that people will come!