Our Story

Chris and I grew up worlds apart...me in Maine, Chris in North Carolina.  I went to Messiah College in PA and he went to Elon University here in NC.  I moved here in 2006 to attend grad school at Wake Forest after college.   Chris moved back home after college to start a landscaping company. God already knew...
We met in 2007 at church.  We didn't actually attend the same church...Chris just came to some of the young singles class events at my church with a mutual friend of ours.  At the time, neither of us were in a place in our lives for a relationship with each other.  Honestly, we didn't really even notice each other. But, in June of 2008 both of our life situations had changed.  We both played ultimate frisbee on Sunday nights with a church group and, well, we started to notice each other.  Chris always says that I pursued him.  Not true.  I simply invited him to a couple of church events, I was being a nice friend.  But, very quickly we became more than friends.  We went on our first date on July 9th, fell in love quickly, and were engaged on December 8th.  I'm sure people thought we were crazy but we just knew.
We were married on June 6th, 2009.  We honeymooned at Emerald Isle and then our life together began...
 A year and a half into our marriage we made the decision to pursue foster care.  We knew there were a lot of children in our own backyard who needed a home.  It has not been an easy journey.  In fact it's been hard.  It's been heartbreaking.  It's been frustrating, challenging, and not without a lot of tears.  There were days where I wondered what in the world we were doing.  At the same time, it has been rewarding and taught us more about faith than anything either of us have ever experienced.  God has had a plan all along and still has a plan.  And, that's what the Wrights will continue to hold fast to. 

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