Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy birthday Hudson!

We had planned to take Hudson to the zoo for his birthday but the weather didn't quite cooperate.  So, instead we went to the Greensboro Science Center and I'm so glad we did!  Hudson had a great time and especially liked the aquarium section.  I think he liked being right up against the glass, especially when the shark swam by.  Because it was raining, we didn't spend much time outside at the zoo part but we will definitely go back and explore more.
We ended up going to the actual zoo on Easter Sunday with some good friends of ours.  Unfortunately Hudson wasn't feeling 100% (poor little guy had a cold).  We gave him some Zyrtec before we left home and he ended up sleeping a lot of the zoo trip.  But, it was still a beautiful day to be outside and since we have a year long zoo membership we are sure to go back soon!






A few pictures from our trip to the Asheboro zoo

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

12 months!!

Measurements: Hudson is 20 lbs 7 oz (34th percentile) and 28.25 inches long (4th percentile-still not sure who this happened!). Hudson is in 12-18 month clothes.

Eats:  Hudson is only really interested in nursing now when he first wakes up and when he's tired.  So, he's generally nursing 4x a day- morning, evening, and both naps.  He continues to love food although he really loves to play with his food, not always eat it.  He likes to try to use a spoon although it makes a huge mess so we don't do this every mealtime.  And, he definitely prefers to eat things out of a bowl rather than to have it placed straight on his tray. Some new favorites this month- Greek yogurt, pizza (oops...I guess that's what happens when he just eats what mommy and daddy eats all the time!), and cake!

Sleeps: Hudson is sleeping 12 hours at night most nights.  He's pretty easy to get to bed which I'm thankful for.  Naps are sometimes a struggle as we are transitioning between one nap and two.  So, there are days that he is just not tired for his second nap but falls apart early evening.  So, if he doesn't go down quickly for his morning nap I just keep him up a little longer and he just gets one nap that day.

Milestones: We have a walker!  Once he started taking a few steps he became a "walker" pretty quickly.  And last week he learned that he can stand up if he falls so he really doesn't crawl much any more. He still only has 2 teeth!  No new words- Hudson still says "mama", "dada", "hi", "no" (oops) and "bye-bye".   He understands so much and is starting to follow directions like "bring the book to mommy" or "give mommy a kiss" (my favorite one!).

Likes: Hudson loves to be chased!  We spend a lot of time going around and around the living room "chasing" him and he just laughs hysterically.  He also loves peek-a-boo, singing songs, and dancing to music.  He loved mommy and daddy's phone but certainly doesn't like having it taken away!  We bought him a basketball for his birthday and gave it to him a week early (I figured he wouldn't know the difference!) and he loves it!

Dislikes:  Hudson is still very much in a "mommy" phase and doesn't like me to be too far out of his sight.  He is not a happy camper if Chris or I are eating and we don't share.  I have a feeling I won't get to enjoy all of my food again without sharing for quite sometime.  He still doesn't love his carseat, especially if he's tired and thinks he is going to fall asleep.  I'm hoping he's happier in the convertible carseat but we haven't moved him into it yet (we are actually in the process of buying a new car so we'll just put it into that one).

Happy birthday sweet boy.  The past year has been so full of joy and Mommy and Daddy love you more than words can describe!