Friday, October 31, 2014

The details...

I know I won't publish this post for a while but I want to write the story of finding out about #2 before I forget all the details.  Let me start at the beginning.  If you read this blog, you probably know that it took a really long time for us to conceive Hudson.  So, we decided when Hudson was 8 months old that we would not exactly "try" but if it happened it happened.  Well, fast forward 7 months and no baby yet.  I went to the OB for my regular yearly appointment at the beginning of August and she said she figured that I would get pregnant as soon as I stopped nursing Hudson.  I really wanted to let H nurse as long as he wanted to I decided that if it took a while to get pregnant this time around, so be it.  Funny thing happened that month though...he stopped showing interest in nursing except maybe once or twice a day.  The end of the month rolled around and I had a funny feeling I might be pregnant.  But, part of me was scared to take a test because I had convinced myself it would be negative. By the time I finally decided to take a test it was September 3rd.  I didn't want to spend much on a pregnancy test (still convinced it would be negative) so I went to the Dollar Store.  Let me tell you...DO NOT buy a Dollar Store pregnancy test if you want an absolute answer.  I came home and took the test and was so confused.  It kind of looked positive but kind of didn't?  Chris was home and I showed him and he couldn't tell either (although after the fact he said he knew it was positive all along).  So, I got back in the car and drove to CVS and spent $20 on a test that would tell me "pregnant" or "not pregnant".  I didn't want any confusion this time.  There was no denying this test....PREGNANT!  I am so excited that Hudson is going to be a big brother!

Week 5: I had a scare this week.  I went for a run and when I got home I noticed I was bleeding.  I didn't have any kind of spotting with Hudson so this obviously freaked me out.  I called my OB office immediately and they got me in that same afternoon for an ultrasound.  Because I'm still so early they couldn't hear the heartbeat but everything looked like it was suppose to so I was told not to worry.  They told me to stop running at least for a while but other than that, no restrictions. Phew!

Week 8:  I haven't done a good job of documenting this pregnancy so far but I wanted to update because I know I'll want to look back and remember all of this.  Sadly, the nausea has started.  But so far (knock on wood) it's not as bad as it was with Hudson.  I feel pretty bad in the mornings but as long as I eat every hour or so, I can keep it at bay the rest of the day. I have been trying to walk at least 3 miles every day but haven't yet started running again. I went this morning for my first official OB visit. I was measuring right on track with a due date of May 10th (which happens to be Mother's Day!). Everything looked great.  Baby #2 had a heart rate of 171 (Hudson's was 172 at this same appointment).  I'm already looking forward to hearing that sweet heartbeat again at the end of October!

Week 9: Hudson and I took a trip to Boston this past weekend and told my family about baby #2.  Needless to say, everyone was thrilled!  I was nervous about flying because I haven't been feeling well but thankfully the nausea wasn't terrible and both flights went better than expected.  Speaking of nausea, it comes in waves.  With Hudson, it was pretty constant but this pregnancy it will just hit me without warning.  I feel like I am eating constantly!  Because of that, I am already showing a little bit.  I'm not sure anyone would notice but I definitely feel my clothes fitting differently.  And I am OH SO tired!  I have snuck in a few naps during Hudson's nap time (which I really shouldn't do because it's my prime work time).  Some days I honestly just can't keep my eyes open.  Just 19 more days until we get to hear that heartbeat again!

Week 10: Oh week are not being so kind to me!  Strangely, I have been feeling pretty good during the day with just a few waves on nausea every now and then. But, then at night, it hits me.  I think it's because all day I eat pretty bland foods- cereal, sandwiches, yogurt.  But, after a real "meal" (tacos last night, chili tonight) my body revolts.  I honestly thought I might have a stomach bug the past two nights because it's so bad. I think I'll be cooking basics for a while- chicken, rice, basic vegetables.  I am thirsty all the time but can't stomach water unless it is ice cold. I have been drinking some Gatorade to stay hydrated but that doesn't taste great to me either. I have been in bed before 10 a lot of nights and still wake up feeling exhausted.  Oh, first trimester...are you almost over??  But, less than 2 weeks now until my next appointment (it's funny how exciting doctor's appointments are when you are pregnant!).

Week 11: I'm a bit behind since I'll actually be 12 weeks tomorrow. But, I have been so exhausted at night that I've been in bed pretty early and blogging is just not a priority. Not to mention that Hudson has been up in the middle of the night 4 of the past 5 nights (and he is NOT easy to get back to sleep). I am still experiencing quite a bit of nausea.  I have good days and bad was particularly bad.  Just baby reminding me that he/she is in there I guess! Thankfully my nighttime nausea has been getting better.  I'm really looking forward to our appointment on Tuesday morning!  I know I'll breathe a little bit easier once I hear that heartbeat again from our sweet baby.

October 28: We had our 12 week appointment this morning and everything was perfect!  We could hear the heartbeat the second the nurse put the doppler on my stomach which was such a relief. The baby's heart rate was 160 which is exactly what Hudson's was at this point too (maybe it's boy #2?).  We have a few more family members to tell and then we are excited to finally be able to share our news with everyone! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

18 months

Measurements: No official measurements yet (I'll update on 10/22). Hudson is is mostly 18 month clothes but some 24 month shirts and pajamas.

Eats: Hudson still continues to eat pretty much anything although he has started telling me "no" if he's not in the mood for something or has something else in mind that he wants to eat. I have trouble getting him to eat much breakfast, he's never that interested. But, he's a good eater at lunch and dinner thankfully. His currently favorites are still fruit of all kinds (especially blueberries and grapes), black beans, cheese, Greek yogurt, carrots, and anything sweet.  He definitely inherited the sweet tooth from his momma.   

Sleeps: I'm thankful for my good little sleeper.  Hudson loves his crib and reaches for it most nights to go to bed.  He is in bed between 7 and 7:30 and usually sleeps 12 hours. He naps around noon and will sleep anywhere from 1.5-2 hrs.  Yesterday he surprised me with a 2.5 hour nap which I love!

Milestones: Oh my...Hudson talks SO MUCH!  He will mimic basically anything you say and freely says a ton of words. He has even put together a few sentences.  At night, we always sing Hudson the same 3 songs (Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and You are my Sunshine).  Tonight after those 3 songs, he looked up at me while I was rocking him and said "Only a boy?" (a song we sing a lot during the day but never at night).  So, he's starting to definitely have preferences and will ASK for them.

Likes: Hudson loves to be outside still although the weather hasn't been great lately so we have been cooped up inside a lot. He also has an infatuation with pumpkins.  Ever since Chris started setting up the pumpkin patch he yells "pumpkin!" with delight every time we see a pumpkin anywhere!  All day he says "Daddy work pumpkins". His favorite friend to play with is Noah and he asks for him several times a day.  This morning Hudson and I were out for a walk and I asked him "What do you want to play with when we get home?".  He looked up at me and said "Noah."  He can't get enough of his little buddy! He still loves books although he usually doesn't want Mommy to read to him anymore.  He usually picks a book out and I'll say "Do you want Mommy to read to you?" and he says "No, Hudson!"  And he will sit down and flip through the pages himself!

Dislikes:  Well, I still very much have a momma's boy on my hands and his separation anxiety isn't getting a ton better. However, if he's familiar with a situation (church, his buddy Noah's house) than he's ok with me leaving.  But, if it's a new situation it's total meltdown.  Hudson also has a pretty strong temper.  He does not like to be told "no" and can have a pretty good tantrum if he is.  I'm trying my best to ignore these and hoping that he grows out of it quickly!

This might be my favorite age yet (although I have said that a lot).  Watching Hudson grow up just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.  I love seeing him learn new things or grasp new concepts. I can't believe he's already a year and a half old!  Where does the time go?