Sunday, June 15, 2014

14 months!

New things this month: Hudson is no longer just walking...he's running!  At first he looked like one of those competitive speed walkers who always had one foot on the ground but now he will break into a jog if he's excited! He is starting to try and imitate words and has added a few to his vocabulary like "baseball" (thanks to his friend Noah!), "baby", and a few others that only Mommy and Daddy can understand.  He consistently points to his belly, hair, and feet and gets nose, mouth, and ears about 50% of the time.  He knows what sound a sheep, dinosaur, lion, cow, and horse make.  He is finally putting himself to sleep for naps.  I actually didn't do any sleep training at nap time (call me lazy but he was so easy to rock to sleep) but in the past month he has become very independent and sometimes even reaches for his crib when he's tired.  I can say "are you ready for night-night?" and he will go and stand at the gate at the bottom of the stairs ready to go.  We finally have two top teeth!  These seemed to take forever to come in but thankfully Hudson hasn't had much trouble with teething.

My favorite things about Hudson this month: Where do I begin? This is such a fun age! I love how he is learning to interact.  He is very social and loves to wave and give hugs and kisses.  He and his bff Noah are starting to learn to play together (instead of just beside each other) and it's so cute.  He is becoming more independent and it's so fun to watch him learn to do things for himself (and then clap for himself too).  I love when he's tired and just wants to snuggle with Momma.  I love chasing him around hearing him laugh hysterically when I catch him.  I love watching him "play" himself to sleep at nap time and his sweet little grin when I go in to get him out of his crib when he wakes up.  I love everything about this little bow and feel so blessed to be his Momma! 

Already had his second haircut!
His first time as a ring-bearer...he walked a pretty long way but was carried the last little bit
play date with his bff
my big boy at the pool!
did I mention this boy LOVES to eat??  and he's NOT picky
just like Daddy already

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Five years!

Has it really been 5 years since that day?  That was the first best day of my life...the day I married my best friend.  I'm thankful that I love him even more today, especially since watching him become a daddy.
We try to get away for a few days each year for our anniversary.  Last year Hudson was 7 weeks old and honestly the trip was a bit easier than this year, at almost 14 months.  It wasn't exactly a "relaxing" trip but I wasn't ready to leave him quite yet.  Next year...maybe ;)
Anyways, we went to Roanoke and Natural Bridge, VA.  We did some hiking, went to Mill Mountain Zoo, Center in the Square Science Museum, Natural Bridge Park and Caverns, and the Virginia Safari Park.  Did I mention we did this all in 2.5 days?  I love these getaways but honestly I love coming home too!  Enjoy the pictures!
Checking out the Mill Mountain Zoo
He loved this fake tiger...more than the real animals!
View of Roanoke from Mill Mountain Park
The Roanoke Star
Hudson wasn't a huge fan on this backpack at first but we finally (at the end of the hike) got him adjusted so he was comfy
Sometimes you just gotta nap!
So sleepy
Natural Bridge in the background
This boy loves rocks!
Love these two boys!
Another makeshift nap...poor buddy only got ONE nap in his pack in play the whole trip
Virginia Safari Park...the animals literally come right in your car!
He woke up just in time!
Well hello bison!
Hudson was not a fan on the zebra in the car!  I can't say I loved him being 6 inches from my face either!
Another great trip in the books!