Monday, September 16, 2013

5 months

 Measurements: I don't have any official measurements this month as we don't have a doctor's appointment.  I don't think he's gained much weight since 4 months but he is definitely getting longer!  He is outgrowing clothes left and right.  He is now in mostly 6 months clothes and 6-9 month sleepers!  Today he is actually wearing a 9 month onesie (although I'm pretty sure it shrunk because not much else 9 months fits him).  There are still a few of my favorite 3 month onesies that I try to squeeze him into but this won't work for long! 

Eats: Not much has changed in this category.  We haven't started him on solid foods yet.  He does show some interest when we eat but honestly it would just be one more thing for me to think about so I'm going to wait one more month.  I have given him little tastes of both avocado and sweet potato and he seemed to like both.  He he is still nursing or getting a bottle 6 times a day (including his "dream" feed at night- more about that in the sleep section).

Sleeps:  Hudson's sleep in MUCH improved since last month!  I'm happy to report that he is almost sleeping through the night, usually waking up once for a very short time.  We moved his bedtime up to 7pm to try to get him to sleep before he got too overtired.  So, I nurse him at 7pm and he generally falls asleep very quickly.  I then feed him again while he is asleep at 10:30pm.  I was skeptical about this at first but I have to say it works!  And never once has he woken up since I started doing this.  Sometimes he wakes up around 1:30am but we don't go in his room- we let him cry it out and it never takes long for him to fall back asleep (ok, this was after a few weeks of us enduring what felt like endless crying...).  Then he will sleep until anywhere from 6am-7:30am.  I am so thankful for this new sleep schedule!
Now, naps are another story.  He was doing well with naps but in the last few weeks has decided that he doesn't ever need to nap longer than 45 minutes.  I have learned the trick is to get him down before he gets overtired and he will play in his crib and put himself to sleep without a fight.  But, he still only sleeps about 45 minutes.  He usually takes 2 naps in his crib or pack-n-play (at Maggie's house) and then the third nap is hit or miss- I try to get him to take it in the stroller so I can run since asleep is the only way he is happy in the stroller!  

Milestones: Hudson is becoming more and more interactive everyday.  He loves to be played with, talked to, read to.  His little laugh is the sweetest thing I have ever heard.  He can almost tripod, although not for long as he falls over to one side.  He is rolling everywhere to get to things he wants.  He isn't exactly "mobile" but he could get to something across the room by rolling if he wanted!

Likes:  Hudson absolutely loves to be outside!  We went hiking last weekend at Stone Mountain.  I carried him in the Baby Bjorn the whole time and he was happy as could be.  He also loves his exersaucer.  He is finally big enough so that his feet touch the ground and loves to bounce!  This is my go-to place to put him when I need my hands free to get stuff done.

Dislikes:  Taking naps, but I already talked about that.  He still doesn't love his stroller or his car seat.  But other than that, there isn't all that much that Hudson doesn't like, he's a pretty happy baby!  

I can't believe that the next time I write an update, my sweet boy will be half a year old! 

Hiking at Stone Mountain
Loving his exersaucer!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A wonderful week

I took last week off from work and it was wonderful!  My parents came and spent the week with us.  We spent a few days in Asheville (I think the "unique" people we saw could warrant it's own post!).  We did lots of what we Prescotts do best- eating!  There are so many awesome restaurants in Asheville, and a lot of them use locally grown, organic ingredients.  We went to a great breakfast place called Sunny Point on Sunday morning and had to wait over an hour!  But it was so worth it.
We all came back home on Monday (my parents 35th anniversary!) and my parents stayed with us here in Clemmons until Friday.  We went on lots of walks, my parents helped me clean my house (thank you!), and my mom and I did lots of cooking.  We made 2 batches of homemade bread, homemade applesauce, and even homemade cheez-its!  Chris and I are really trying to cut preservatives out of our diet so my mom helped me find some yummy new recipes.
It's always so sad to see my parents leave, but I'm glad they are able to come so often and spend so much quality time with Hudson.  He loves his Bub and Lalla!
Taking a "dip" in the pool at the hotel...H wasn't impressed
These two are going to have a very special bond :)
Looking at the mountains out of the hotel window
My parents on their 35th anniversary!!
Love this!
Hanging out with Daddy in Asheville
Mom got her workout doing lunges around the kitchen with H
Homemade applesauce!
Freshly baked loaf of bread...yum!