Monday, April 11, 2016

Weston- 11 months

Measurements: No official measurements but I believe Weston is around 26 lbs or so.  He's in 18-24 month clothes and size 5 diapers.

Eats: Everything in sight!  My boy LOVES to eat.  He eats more than Hudson actually.  He eats food as quick as I put it on his high chair tray.  And he's not picky!  Broccoli, quinoa, sweet potato, turkey burgers, black beans...honeslty, everything.  He's still nursing some but not really that interested.  I will let him wean himself but I think he will stop much earlier than Hudson did.

Sleeps: We are doing 2 naps a day- mid morning and late afternoon.  He's pretty consistent with this and is a good napper.  Most nights he sleeps through the night or has one early morning waking (between 4-5am).  But, overall he's a good sleeper! I didn't change this from 9 months or 10 months!

Milestones: Weston is very mobile.  He's crawling FAST and pulling up on everything.  He climbs the stairs!  He has 4, almost 5 teeth.  He jibber jabbers all the time- mostly Dada of course ;)

Likes: Weston still loves his big brother.  He loves to chase him around and be chased.  He loves to be tickled and swung up in the air.  He's a happy boy!

Dislikes:  Weston does not like me to be out of his sight.  He is very much a Momma's boy!

Big brother update:  HUDSON IS POTTY TRAINED!!  We had potty bootcamp over preschool spring break and he did great!  Honestly, he was so ready and we have had very few accidents.  He actually doesn't even wear a pull-up for nap or bed either.  It's a relief to have at least one out of diapers!  Hudson will be THREE this Friday.  I believe that will deserve its own blog post ;)

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