Monday, June 6, 2016

Randoms lately

So life's a little crazy with two kiddos and this little 'ole blog has been neglected.  So, I'll try to do a little bit of catch up!

1. Mothers Day.  We didn't do anything too exciting for Mother's Day.  Church, lunch (I think?  I'm having a hard time remembering...).  But, here's the annual church Mother's Day picture:

2. Hudson.  He is just so fun right now.  I love how he is learning new things so fast and his little mind just soaks up everything.  He is still such a Momma's boy and I don't mind at all.  We have so much fun together.  He still has tantrums once in a while but for the most part he's pretty easy going.  He has given up his nap for the most part except occasionally in the car but it makes bedtime so much easier so I'm ok with it.  Today was his last day of the 2s class at preschool.  He had such great teachers and a really great year! I have been extra emotional lately thinking about how fast my baby is growing up! 

Dressed by his cousin during our last trip to Boston

Preschool open house last summer/last day today


3. Weston. My 13 month old is fiesty, active, and extremely strongwilled.  He's super busy and not too keen on cuddling with Mommy.  He continues to grow like a week and I get asked several times a week if my boys are twins!  He's already wearing 24 month clothes and some 2T!  He's not interested in walking but I think it's because crawling is just so fast!  He's too busy to slow down and walk.  He really is fearless...I'm afraid he's going to give me a run for my money as he gets older!

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